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Grooming your collie can be a fun experience for both you and your dog or  it can  be a fight to the finish  if not started early enough. 

The first bath around seven weeks should be a fun experience - be gentle and use an oatmeal shampoo . warm water and make a big fuss of how wonderful this is.   If the puppy does not have a good experience in the beginning he will always remember it and never want to take a bath again.  So that first experience has to be a good one.

Collies do not shed nearly as bad as a shepherd but they do shed.. Grooming or brushing your dog should be done at least every two weeks. The best brush to use is a pin brush with the soft bristles on one side and wire on the other.  You will also need a rake for getting burrs out of the coat.  Invest in a good nail clipper not a cheap one and only trim the nails if your dog is not active enough to wear them down naturally.

Do not use, or allow anyone else to use a furminator on your rough collie.  The furminator will rip out hair and severely thin out the coat and damage your collies natural beauty.

In  a regular grooming when your collie is not shedding heavily use a backward stroke against the grain moving the brush towards the head.  Btush the legs upward towards the body.  Then smooth out the coat and brush downwards.

I prefer to groom my collies  sitting on the floor while watching a movie or out on the picnic table. It is a nice bonding time and I reward them with a good back scratching which they love.   It can also be done with the dog on a grooming table  If you decide to go this route buy a better quality one with adjustable heights.

Never, ever shave your collie.  He is double coated and it will ruin the coat forever.