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News from our puppy owners - this one from Lynne in New York


Once I decided it was the right time for me to get a dog, it was time for the onerous task of finding the right

breeder and dog. 

Finding Ruth was the answer !   What beautiful, healthy dogs!  Ruth interacts with the puppies daily and

showed me their healthy parents.  The puppies were cared for in her home environment and so loved. 

Ruth was very responsive and helpful during the buying process but she doesn't stop there. 

She truly cares for her puppies and after I arrived home with my new puppy, she was available for consultation or encouragement whenever I needed. Ruth encompasses everything a responsible breeder  should be..



My mom has been a collie lover since she was a little girl, and has wanted another ever since. When she decided she was serious about bringing another dog into the family we settled on a collie. We found Heathlands Collies and emailed to inquire, along with a few other breeders. Ruth and I emailed for quite some time before deciding it would be a good fit. You can tell she loves her dogs and cares who they go to. We brought our little girl home at 8 weeks after choosing and placing a deposit a few weeks earlier. She came with a health certificate and her AKC papers. She also came with an ease of potty training due to her schedule with Ruth, and the sweetest heart and yearning for attention. You can tell that's what she was used to. She's beautiful and sharp as a tack, picking up "come" and "sit" within two days. She's a healthy weight and goes for her check up in a few days, she's friendly and sociable and loves to play. When we brought her home she acted as if she'd always been there and adjusted wonderfully. We couldn't be happier with the little darling. We also had the opportunity to meet her parents on the premises, and you can tell they are healthy and loved pets - very friendly and bright. Thank you for our wonderful girl.

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We are so pleased with the puppy we purchased!  It was a last minute decision, because our search ha

 We are so pleased with the puppy we purchased!  It was a last minute decision, because our search had been casual, just something for future options.  When we saw the photo of the one puppy left from the litter, though, we knew we needed to make that call.  We were shocked at how big and beautiful this fella and his parents are!  He has settled right in with our clan of Savannah cats, flock of chickens, and even the elderly Sheltie.  He is HUGE, his temperament is playful and sweet, and he is smart....he learned how to open all the lever doors with his long snout.  We look forward to him becoming a great companion on our little farm.   

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Linda's Whiskey and Gallagher

We recently acquired two male puppies from Heathland Collies.  We wanted one but they were so beautiful we couldn't decide on one so we took two.  They are our 4th and 5th collies.  They are beautiful, healthy, intelligent, energetic, and inquisitive and love everyone.  The neighbors rave about their friendliness and beautiful markings.  We are thrilled with our two pups.  Ruth is very compassionate about her puppies and was wonderful to deal with.  


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